FASANO PAULOVICS, well-established in Milan, was founded with a view to providing Italian, European and international clients with cutting edge legal and technical expertise with high added value.

The firm included lawyers from different horizons, who all brought a wealth of legal and technical expertise to the firm.

Since that rich beginning, the firm has systematically invested in the professional training of its lawyers and continues to do so today through both in-house and external and abroad training programmes.

We understand that the marketplace is changing at a rapid pace. So is the law. We have been in practice for over 20 years (since 1998) and we know that our client’s business is about being prepared for tomorrow, not only today. We understand that businesses expect lawyers who are built for change. Our law firm is focused on helping businesses navigate change.

With the view to keeping the quality of its services at the highest level, the firm believes that a lawyer to maintain the highest standards in drafting legal documents must also handle litigation cases.