Us + Others

Practising since its admission, FASANO PAULOVICS has gained recognition for its exacting standards of legal expertise, its vision of relations between people and its audicity.

The reputation of our lawyers is confirmed by assignments as arbitrators, experts, lectures they have received from Italian, European and International Arbitration Centres, Courts, Chambers of Commerce and Companies Organizations.

Adapting to the circumstances of each case and coming up with simple and pragmatic legal solutions to the problems and questions put to us are both a practical and moral imperative for each of us.

At FASANO PAULOVICS, we believe in enhancing the communities in which we live and work by proving legal services, financial support, and volunteer services to worthy agencies and individuals in need.

Providing first-rate legal service to people and organizations with limited means is the cornerstone of our pro bono commitment.

We participate for free either as speakers, chairmen or contributors at conferences, seminars, workshops and training courses for business men, either in specialised publications and expert commissions, encouraging firms, committees and attendees to devote an amount to our annual pro bono program.

We strongly encourage all our lawyers to contribute to this effort.

Since 2009 FASANO PAULOVICS donates 5 per thousand of its annual Italian tax declaration to Prigionieri del Silenzio (Prisoners of Silence), an Italian Non Governmental Organization (NGO) devoted to the protection of Human Rights of Italian citizens held abroad and to help their families.