Data Protection

Since 1998 when Italy set out, for the first time, a legislative provision on data protection, FASANO PAULOVICS was one of the firms involved in assisting its clients.

Today, FASANO PAULOVICS’s Data Protection Practice offers assistance:

  • To comply personal data processing with the provisions set out in the Italian Data Protection Code. The range of assistance is all-inclusive and covers data processing issues in particular sectors
  • To comply data processing policies with the General Authorizations issued by the Data Protection Authority (Garante) in reference to sensitive data protection for special categories of Data Controllers. FASANO PAULOVICS offers also specialized services to public and private health-care institutes and to medical-sanitary professionals who need to review their internal data processing policies for sensitive data that could unveil people’s health status and sex life
  • To ensure that data processing modalities stick to the sector’s deontological codes adopted by special categories of Data Controllers relatively to special data processing
  • In drafting deeds and ‘privacy models’ (even web related) according to Data Protection Code provisions (Informative, agreement formulas if required, appointment of data processing responsible and/or Data Processor, ‘privacy policy’ model formulas for web sites, deeds of appointment of the Italian representative of a foreign Data Controller, filling out data processing advance notification forms
  • In administrative procedures as set out in the Data Protection Code, especially for notification in advance of data processing to be carried out with electronic means and submitted with electronic signature
  • For the alignment of data processing with the minimum security measures. The assistance focuses also on the adequacy evaluation of company’s security measures, and includes advice in drafting the Computer Security Program Document required in case of sensitive and/or judicial data processing performed with electronic instruments
  • In eventual ordinary litigation, both for penal or civil proceedings, in case of violation of the Data Protection Code’s rules
  • In administrative proceedings with reference to claims to be presented to the Garante (Authority) for violations of concerned people rights and to the representation of clients before the Garante
  • Model-contracts finalized to personal data exchange and data transfer to non-EU countries in compliance with the standard contractual clauses issued by the European Union and with the General Authorizations issued by the Garante and the EU Commission for data transfer toward third countries
  • In personal data processing matters represented by images, sounds or multimedia elements
  • In personal data processing matters performed through electronic communication networks.

Finally, FASANO PAULOVICS assists clients on Data Protection policies enforced in other countries.

Attorney: Pierfrancesco C. Fasano.