European Union

Thanks to the naming and managing partner’s academic (LL M in EU Law) and professional background, Pierfrancesco C. Fasano, FASANO PAULOVICS has developed a significant expertise in EU Law, in particular in the following areas.

Restrictive agreements, abuse of dominant position, closing of cases by undertakings, leniency programmes, free movement of goods, persons and capital, right of establishment and freedom to provide services, competition features of Intellectual Property, State aid, structural funds, anti-dumping and international trade, special legislation concerning regulated markets, agricultural policies and joint organisation of agricultural markets, lobbying for both domestic and European Union legislation, administrative procedures at both domestic (the Antitrust Authority) and European (Commission) level as well as domestic (Regional Administrative Courts, Council of State) and European (Court of the First Instance, Court of Justice) litigation.

FASANO PAULOVICS has developed broad experience in handling both domestic and European antitrust and regulatory cases, as well as related actions in the domestic Administrative Courts and the European Courts. It frequently acts as consultant in this area and is often involved in parliamentary lobbying activities. It maintains regular contacts and dialogue with the Central Government executive and independent Authorities at all levels.

Thanks to its networking and alliance, FASANO PAULOVICS has a correspondent office in Brussels, which is also used as a contact and research point and a source of information on problems relating to different areas of EU Law, and works in regular contact with the Community Institutions.

FASANO PAULOVICS also works together with sector experts, who provide economic and quantitative analysis in support of antitrust cases.

On the litigation ground, FASANO PAULOVICS is experienced in claiming EU Law and enforcing judgements of the Court of Justice before the domestic Courts, even, if any, claiming the infringement procedure before the European Commission against the defaulting State.

See as representative case: Vergani vs Agenzia delle Entrate di Arona (Judgment 21.07.05 C 207/04) on principle of equal tax treatment for men and women.

Attorney: Pierfrancesco C. Fasano.