The Italian civil justice system is characterized by a high level of litigiousness compared to other European countries. According to European Commission for Efficiency of Justice (CEPEJ Report, 2013 – Council of Europe), the litigation rate (i.e. yearly ratio of new proceedings to population) in Italy is 3.5 times the one in Germany and twice the rates in France and Spain. Another distinctive feature of the Italian legal system is the higher number of lawyers than countries with comparable economies: among the major European countries, Italy has the highest incidence of lawyers on population. And the Italian lawmaker is amending civil procedure quite often risking a wrongful analysis due to a not updated lawyer.

Since its inception, FASANO PAULOVICS has combined its international outlook with solid expertise in Italian litigation.

FASANO PAULOVICS combines its knowledge of litigation practice and case law with the expertise and experience of professionals able to place the issues arising in a dispute in the widest context of applicable law and judicial experience.

FASANO PAULOVICS represents clients in court proceedings in all ordinary and special Italian jurisdictions, most notably in commercial disputes, but also in matters related to the FASANO PAULOVICS’s other practice areas. Abroad Pierfrancesco C. Fasano is registered as Legal Practitioner with right of audience before the Dubai International Financial Center (DIFC) Courts and advocated clients in International arbitrations.

In the pre-litigation phase, FASANO PAULOVICS’s concentrates on facilitating client’s informed decision-making based on, among other things, a thorough evaluation of the costs and benefits of the litigation process as compared to possible out-of-court or court-based solutions.

Advising individuals and companies in significant disputes often involving foreign clients requires strategic planning and co-ordination and FASANO PAULOVICS pays particular attention to the organizational aspects of its advice, including in the due diligence and investigative phases of litigation.

FASANO PAULOVICS also has consolidated professional experience in the often very complicated implications of the contemporaneous applicability of different laws and conflicts of jurisdiction and law.