Despite the international focus of our practice, we have deliberately chosen to remain an independent, non-affiliated firm. We have developed close working relationships with distinguished law firms and other forensic experts throughout the world who share the same philosophy and seek to attain the same standards of quality.

That’s the reasons why over the years FASANO PAULOVICS has developed an extensive network of legal specialists from around the world, ensuring that each case is dealt with by a team of attorneys selected for their specific expertise and experience.

FASANO PAULOVICS has continually striven to develop its operations in Italy and in EU (local) and overseas (global).

Due to its alliances and networking the firm now has 17 offices (Milan, Mumbai, Delhi, Dubai, Singapore, Budapest, Lyon, Paris, Brussels, Beijing, Shanghai, Buenos Aires, Lugano, Dublin, Larnaca, Bucharest and Bogotá) and handles transactions in Europe, Asia, South America and Middle East.

The firm’s aim is to be able to assist its clients on all emerging markets which, in the long term, means being present on emerging legal markets as well.

FASANO PAULOVICS is INVITALIA (Italian Govt. Agency for Inward Investment) Business Network (IBN) Partner. IBN is a network of more than 60 selected private-sector partners of high standing, belonging to the following categories: banks and merchant banks, law and/or accountancy firms, consulting and real estate firms and communication agencies. IBN’s activities are aimed at:

  • guaranteeing assistance both to current and new investors, supporting them with technical services at all stages of the investment process
  • updating the Agency on potential foreign investors interested in business opportunities in Italy
  • identifying Italian companies matching with the demands of foreign investors for M&A transactions and joint ventures.

Furthermore FASANO PAULOVICS is active member of Inter Pacific Bar Association (IPBA), an international association of business and commercial lawyers who live in, or otherwise have a strong interest in, the Asia-Pacific Region, established in 1991 and grown to become a preeminent legal association in this Region, with membership drawn from throughout the world, and currently has over 1,400 members from over 65 national jurisdictions worldwide.

FASANO PAULOVICS is finally converting its informal ‘best friends’ relationship in a stable and growing networking.