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Sep 10, 2011 - IT ALIENS News & Letter by


 (Contributors: Lunaskaya Advocates – Jakarta) Foreign Investment shall be any investing activity for running business within the territory of the Republic of Indonesia, made by any foreign investor using either foreign capital entirely or joint capital with domestic capital. Foreign Investor shall be any individual foreign citizen, foreign corporation, or foreign state making investment within the territory of the Republic of Indonesia. Foreign Capital shall be any capital owned by any foreign country, individual foreign citizen, foreign corporation, foreign legal entity, and/or Indonesian legal entity, whose capital is owned partially or entirely by foreign party. Unless otherwise stipulated by the law, any foreign investment shall be in form of limited liability companies based on the law of the Republic of Indonesia. Any investors shall have the right to make transfer or repatriation in foreign currency to, among others: capital; profit, bank interest, dividend, and any other revenue; funds required for: purchasing raw materials and support materials, intermediate products, or final product; reimbursement of capital goods in order to secure the investment; additional fund required for financing investment; fund for loan repayment; payable royalty or interest; income of any foreign individuals working in any investment company; the proceeds of any sale or liquidation of investment; compensation for any loss; compensation for any takeover; payment made for technical aid, payable costs for technical service and management, payment made under project contract, and payment for intellectual property right; and proceeds of asset sale. Any investment companies shall be entitled to use experts of […]

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