FASANO PAULOVICS advises and defends individuals and companies involved in labour and related social security proceedings on the following matters:

  • Executive Compensation and Benefits Plans and Agreements. Drafting and Negotiation of General workers’, Professional and Management Employment Agreements
  • International Employment Matters, such as Transfer and Secondment of Executives Agreements for Expatriates
  • Advocacy and Settlement Agreements related to employment disputes including novations and winding-up agreements
  • Litigation regarding employee benefits, specifically termination for cause, severance payments and discrimination claims before the Italian Labour Section Courts and, in cooperation with its networking offices, before Courts in the European Union, including the European Union Court of Justice and the Italian Supreme Court
  • Drafting and Negotiation of Flexible Time Agreements, Employee Benefit and Welfare Plans including Stock Option Plans and Agreement
  • Drafting and Negotiation of Executive Retirement Benefit and Welfare Plans including the organization of Pension Plans located in offshore jurisdictions. Setting up and Reorganizing Corporate Pension and Welfare Plans.
  • Advising on issues relating to Employees Participation in the Board of Directors Plans, labour and employment arbitration and mediation proceedings within the context of complex adversarial scenarios to facilitate positive relations between unions and management. Corporate Group Reorganization Plans including reorganizations other than through bankruptcy-type proceedings, spin offs and liquidation of subsidiaries/ product lines to allow focus on the core areas of a company’s economic activities.

FASANO PAULOVICS’s lawyers have directly investigated the multiple aspects of the increasingly complex regulation in the various fields of hygiene, safety, environment protection and anti-pollution legislation. Their specific knowledge and professional expertise allows them to meet every particular need of the client, both in supplying (at the preventative phase) all the indications necessary to operate, during the execution of each activity, in compliance with the complex regulations and following their continual development.

From the point of view of hygiene and safety we are able to face, in our clients’ interests, whether in collaboration with their trusted consultants or, if necessary, making use of qualified technicians with consolidated experience, the problems inherent to the observance of the rules protecting the primary good of health in the workplace, in the performance of ‘dangerous activities’.

FASANO PAULOVICS has a background of considerable experience in advising clients in relation to work permits, and legal problems connected with the transfer and secondment of staff, including managerial staff, to and from foreign countries. Labour and Employment Practice advises on various aspects of Italian law connected with the acquisition of Italian businesses.

Italian Social Security Agency for Entertainment and Professional Sport Workers (ENPALS) listed Pierfrancesco C. Fasano as recommended litigation lawyer.

Attorney: Pierfrancesco C. Fasano