Public Affairs

As European Union, single Member States and local governments become more sophisticated, the management of issues grows more complex. Elected officials and legislative staffs are expanding in number and are increasingly affecting businesses, organizations and individuals. The wisest approach in dealing with the government is to be proactive, with a constant presence among officials and vigilant cultivation of those empowered to affect your interests and business, namely those born or newly born where rules and regulations do not exist and/or are few or not clear.

Our Public Affairs Practice Group operates with the goal to communicate, detect and interpret information and dynamics of local, domestic and European political-institutional system to anticipate and steer the business strategic choices.

We assist clients in navigating Italian, European Union and international rules regarding political activity to help clients ensure compliance with laws, rules and regulations. Our team understands the importance of ethical compliance and is well prepared to counsel clients on a range of issues at Italian, European Union and international levels. Our areas of focus include drafting position papers, responses to public consultations, attending focus and working groups, legislative commissions, seminars, meetings and conferences, promoting reform process, regulatory and legislative interpretation and guidance.

We maintain relationships with Italian local and central Government and Parliament and with the European Commission, the European Parliament and the Council, as well as with national and EU independent authorities, diplomatic and industry associations.

We develop relations with cultural political foundations and think tanks, both nationally and internationally.

We identify and propose opportunities for collaboration with institutional stakeholders of reference within public political events and/or institutional and we’re actively engaged in the debate on clients’ business through research centers and think tanks.

Our network and relationships extend beyond Milan and allow us to connect our clients with key influencers, opinion leaders and policy makers at the European Union and international level. Our Practice Group members are active in a variety of professional and community organizations, helping further their knowledge and networks. We not only have the right relationships, but we also understand the local, domestic, European Union and international dynamics to help our clients with projects and issues.

We work with our clients to understand their business, stakeholders, priorities and challenges, and we develop and implement government relations plans to advance their objectives.

Our Public Affairs Practice provides legal services related to following business areas:

  • Digital and Internet
  • Human rights
  • Professional Intellectual Services
  • Chemical
  • Local Communities 

Attorney: Pierfrancesco C. Fasano